“Why can I get detailed reviews about everything from books to cars, but not for a $2,000 laser face treatment?” When asked this question by his wife, Tom Seery was working at Expedia, where he was solving the same problem for travelers. In 2006, he launched RealSelf to bring communication, clarity, transparency, and confidence to people shopping for ways to improve their appearance.

RealSelf is a community of people helping each other make good decisions. Members share their stories before, during and after a procedure or treatment. Board-certified doctors and experienced specialists answer questions posted by members. Members and doctors share tens of thousands of photos along with videos and insights.

Dr. Colgrove and the staff at Vinings Surgery Center are proud to join the RealSelf community! On our RealSelf profile, you’ll find all the latest specials, as well as before-and-after photos and reviews from our patients and more.