Hair Restoration for Black Hair

SmartGraft is a less intrusive hair restoration technique that uses the cutting-edge follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology. The SmartGraft hair restoration system is versatile and can be used on all hair types. The procedure works very effectively on African American hair and produces permanent, natural looking results. 

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

SmartGraft Hair Restoration For African American Hair
SmartGraft Hair Restoration for Black Hair Before and After

African American hair has genetically distinctive roots, and the natural character of the hair is often coarse, curly, and wavy. In addition, African American men and women have about 55,000 to 65,000 hair follicles in the average donor site (compared to about 95,000 in Caucasians). 

Both these factors mean that you need an advanced hair restoration technique that will extract the curly hair without damaging the follicles as well as preserve the maximum number of follicles for transplantation (because the total donor follicles are limited due to lower hair density). 

This is where SmartGraft hair restoration technique comes in because, unlike traditional hair transplant methods, SmartGraft can do more with less. At the Vinings Surgery Center, Dr. Robert A.Colgrove and his trained team have the expertise to perform SmartGraft procedure on African American patients with outstanding results. 

Hair Restoration Planning

Some African American patients may have a concern that their hair type may not be well-suited for transplantation. This is a myth because with the innovative and less invasive SmartGraft FUE hair transplant technique, it is possible to achieve highly successful hair restoration results for all ethnicities, including African American.

The key is to work with a SmartGraft treatment provider who understands the distinctive characteristics of African American hair and can customize the treatment plan for the patient to achieve desired results. At Vinings Surgery Center, we focus on the following important considerations while using SmartGraft on African American hair.

Minute Evaluation: During your pre-op consultation, we will perform a detailed hair thickness and density evaluation to determine where your hair loss is heading. Combining the results of this personalized evaluation along with the standard hair loss patterns in African American patients, we will create a unique SmartGraft hair restoration plan that is designed to meet your aesthetic goals.

Hairline Design: We understand the subtle differences in the natural hairline of African American men and women, and we take these into account while designing the new hairline. For instance, a straighter and lower hairline for African American men may work well, or they could choose a mature hairline similar to Caucasian hair, which has naturally receding corners.

Follicle Orientation: Considering the curly and wavy nature of African American hair, we make sure that the curvature and angle of the hair follicle during transplantation follows the hair’s natural distribution and direction. Even at the time of donor hair extraction, the follicle orientation is taken care of while using the SmartGraft technique. 

Experience Matters

Although SmartGraft is an advanced and automated technology, using it for African American hair restoration requires both skill and experience. We use specialized techniques to harvest and utilize optimal hair grafts, while focusing on the curvature, size, and placement of the hair in the donor as well as recipient sites. You can expect safe, predictable, and satisfying outcomes with SmartGraft hair restoration at our practice.